Tinder special – A report about Tinder in Chile

Now I’m sucking up to my readers. In this text I will write about Tinder in Chile because so many people have requested me to do so. I guess it’s time to give the people what they want. I am writing about my own experiences and expressing my own opinions. If there is a slightest chance that you may get offended or you don’t like what you are reading, I highly recommend you not to continue any further.

In general, Tinder is super popular in Finland. In Chile, I don’t know is it because there are so many people in Santiago (and users), but I feel the same way about it here. I am using the unofficial Windows Phone app “6tin” which allows the users to locate themselves anywhere in the world, even if they actually happen to be somewhere else. I started to swipe Tinder of Santiago already in Finland before I even arrived here. In Finland Tinder is more or less a “booty call” – app but I have discovered that it has many beneficial aspects as well:

  • You meet new people in towns and cities where you don’t know anyone.
  • You get to practice foreign languages like Spanish for example. I have learned over 300 new words because of Tinder and still counting. I have learned how to tell about myself and my issues in Spanish and this is highly beneficial when meeting new people live. My verbal abilities have improved a lot. Tinder is the perfect application that synchronizes language learning with dating.
  • The actual dating. You get Spanish lessons while meeting new interesting people – it’s more fun than sitting inside classes (our Spanish professors in my university are super cool, don’t get me wrong, saludos!).
  • You learn more about different cultures and environments you are in. I have learned a lot about Chile just by listening.

I met some really wonderful local girls/women who have helped me by giving information and advices etc. about Santiago and Chile before I even came to Chile.

Because there are really good phone and internet connections in Santiago and with 7 million people living in the city, one could describe Santiago as the playground of Tinder. I wasn’t even able to go through Helsinki in Tinder that equals about 10% of the population of Santiago. With this amount of swiping one easily gets blisters into his/her fingers. I highlight also that smartphones are a common sight in Chile. I don’t think that even the language forms too big barrier. I met some gringos in hostels that have done some serious banging even without knowing Spanish thanks to Tinder. But it goes without saying that knowing Spanish helps A LOT. Personally I believe that languages are the keys to cultures and getting to know the people. One discovers only a small side of the other’s personality if he or she lacks the mutual language. I also have to highlight, that generally Chilean people don’t speak that much English.


Randy knows it

Tinder faces criticism because it’s really superficial. It doesn’t matter how awesome individual you are or how pleasant personality you have. None of that really matters if the other person doesn’t like the way you look physically. In Tinder one literally judges the book by its covers. I don’t know in general how much people read the info section about persons in Tinder (I personally do always) and how much the info increases the possibilities of getting more matches. Physical appearance is one thing, the personality is another thing. One tricky thing that forges the reality of the photos is the photo manipulation possibility (like in Instagram), which allows you to use different effects to enhance your photos. My friend in Finland said that he got tired of Tinder because really many girls with whom he had gone out with were completely different in person than what they had promoted in their photos. I can only speak from a manly perspective; I don’t know how the reality is for women in Tinder. There is the makeup which one thing, but then there is the false reality additionally now days, which is another thing. We business people could refer to “false advertising” or even to “market manipulation”. Personally I haven’t encountered this. So far I have only positive experiences about Tinder (not including all the matches that I had wanted, but never received them).


Number of matches

In Chile, for me, it’s easier to get matches than in Finland. I guess I’m an exotic blue eyed Finn. Probably it’s the same thing than with the Australian engineer in Finnish tabloids (I’m referring to a piece of news that started a huge debate in Finland).

The height

Chilean people are shorter in general than in Finland. I am approximately 10cm taller than Chilean men on average. It’s quite common in Finland when some girl informs in her bio that there is no need for men shorter than 190cm to contact her. One sees this in Chile also from time to time but here it’s “shorter than 180cm” 😉 Chilean women are tiny and adorable, the kind you could lift easily and carry to your home 🙂 Two of my tall Finnish friends (over 190cm) have announced their height in their Tinder profiles, thus getting a lot of matches. On the other hand, they are also some seriously good looking dawgs. Probably they would get matches even without the height aspect. My greetings are devoted to L and J.

What people are looking for in Tinder

In Finland in general people tend to search perhaps more casual things in Tinder. Chilean society is more conservative than Finnish society (the land of sauna). In Chilean Tinder it’s not a rare sight that people are only looking for friendship or the significant other. Some girls are in search of “buena onda” but for now, I cannot specify what that means?? (I can only guess). Of course one cannot generalize either – there are always exceptions.


In Chile, women have a lot of photos with their sunglasses on – which is understandable since there is plenty of sun around the year. However this is slightly disturbing since many women have only photos with sunglasses. It’s a bummer because sunglasses cover about 25 percent of the face and in my mind, the most important part – the eyes. In Finland I haven’t notice the same thing.


It appears that it’s more a norm than an exception that the majority of Chilean women have bikini pictures or beach pictures about themselves (thumbs up). In “Funland” it’s really rare on the other hand (and I thought that we are the liberal society). In my mind this is highly pleasant custom since you know exactly what you’re going to get (if the photos aren’t relatively old). I have heard that for example in Brazil it’s quite common to arrange first dates on the beach so there is no need to question what’s underneath the clothes.

Kissing guys

Yup, In Chilean Tinder, there are pictures of women kissing some other guys quite often – what’s up with that??? (left).

Men seeking men

Sometimes there are guys in Tinder that seek for other men. In Finland it happens and In Chile it’s the same thing.


In Finland never have I seen a transvestite or a transgender in Tinder, but In Chile I have, quite many actually.

Training photos

In Finland really often one might find gym selfies or photos taken during some sport session or an exercise. In Chile this is a rare sight. Sadly there are more photos of women smoking than exercising.

And who might you be? – Dilemma

There is a photo of 2 to 4 girls, having the same kind of hair color, body type etc. Plus some individual photos with sunglasses on. Then you start to wonder who is she? Left or Right? Take a guess. This happens in both countries. One has to be a mind reader with women even before there is a possibility to actually open your mouth.

Marilyn Monroe quotations

In my mind this is super annoying yet super common in Finland. “I’m insecure blaa blaa blaa… – Marilyn Monroe”. I’ve seen hundreds of women in Tinder using this super cliché quotation. I don’t care how many women can identify their selves into this quotation but it’s boring and lame. I started to swipe people to left only because I’m annoyed by this quotation. Boo freaking hoo. Luckily I have seen the Spanish version only two times and it doesn’t seem that bad in Spanish, as it is the most beautiful language in the world.

Machu Picchu

In Chile there are tons of women that have a picture of themselves in Machu Picchu in Peru and I literally mean tons. There was this one super awesome girl who was standing there facing away without a shirt, waving her bras in the air with her breast exposed entirely. It goes without saying that she was swiped to right faster than a bullet flies. I’m so disappointed that we never became a match – it was love at first sight (at least from my behalf). She seemed like a super awesome individual. I think it’s really unselfish to let your boobs see the Machu Picchu also, as it’s incredible! I guess she had also a degree in Finance or something. The curse of Tinder is, that you never become a pair with the ones to who you could say the cleverest lines or who have some pictures that you could comment in a clever way. Sadly she was one of them. Where Chilean women post pictures of themselves in Machu Picchu, the Colombian women post pictures of themselves in front of the Eiffel Tower. I really love it when my Colombian Tinder-pairs send me audio messages sometimes. The Colombian Spanish is super beautiful, the intonation, the clarity etc. Colombia ❤

Back to basics

In Finland there is always this need of being super clever and different with starting conversations and differing yourself from your competitors. Here in Chile I can forgive myself a lot of being a foreigner with limited abilities to start conversations in super creative ways. I did come up with this super lame yet super awesome pickup line one day while having a hangover: “you’re hotter than a Finnish sauna” – it works totally and is a good ice breaker; usually followed by laughter, smileys and questions like “so you’re from Finland? etc.”. Keep it simple.


There are many pictures of women kissing a dolphin or the other way around in Chilean Tinder. I have always wanted to become a Tinder pair with one of them and say that “If I could be an animal, I would like to be that dolphin”.  I don’t know how it would end up, probably bad, but the idea fascinates me, not to mention that from time to time I’m super jealous to the dolphins 😉

Single moms

I don’t know is it because Chile is a catholic country, but there are really many young single moms in Tinder who are smoking hot. The kind of hot when there is a Finnish sauna, but then you actually light it on fire. Moms need love and affection also.

The following statements are my own opinions, and by NO mean is my purpose to place myself on a stand, that I somehow can afford to criticize people or tell how it is supposed to be. These are my personal opinions that I find or do not find appealing in Tinder, my own personal “code of conduct” in Tinder.

Things that go left in Tinder



Marilyn Monroe quotation

Lack of body type pictures (only face pictures)

The invisibility of the eyes

Things that go right in Tinder

Sport pictures and/or clothes/items that indicate an active lifestyle

Smile – there is a saying that a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear (or something)

Guns N’ Roses (increases the chances a lot)


Pole dancing and acrobatic pictures 🙂


So does Al

So that was about Tinder in Chile and Finland. I tried to address the topic on general level, thus you understand that I cannot write about my personal experiences with too many details because firstly, I respect the privacy and anonymity of my Tinder-pairs and secondly, I don’t kiss and tell. By no mean was my intention to offend someone. Next time I will blog again about Chilean society, my travels and the Chilean Independence day.